Dawn Mason Inc. represents some of the most iconic, diverse and emerging talent in the entertainment industry.

Founded in 2010, Dawn Mason Inc. represents some of the brightest talent in the entertainment industry. Diversifying beyond the remit of a traditional talent agency, since its inception, the agency has created industry-leading campaigns and spearheaded innovative collaborations with brands and talent, earning accolades from both brands and talent alike.


Who are we?

For brands to survive in a hyper-connected, ever-changing world, they need the right talent to build relationships with their audiences. Led by industry stalwart Dawn Mason, we are a team of like-minded individuals driven by the need to empower underrepresented talent and connect them with their communities. With a background rooted in PR, we focus on meaningful relationships that benefit both the client and the consumer. We thrive on creating lasting value by marrying over two decades of experience with a natural ability to recognise synchronicity between talent and brands. For talent, we open up access to all of the ‘superpowers’ they need to build businesses that really connect to their audiences and followers. We offer an entirely holistic approach that helps develop, guide and nurture the individual, empowering them to reach their full potential. For brands, we offer a bespoke, tailored approach where the emphasis lies in understanding the business, creating a united vision and highlighting where our talent can bring this vision to life. We have created impactful, industry-leading campaigns and pioneered innovative collaborations. And we’ve won trust, partnerships and accolades from both brands and talent alike. Passionate, genuine and inspiring. This is who we are. We are Dawn Mason Inc.

“We truly believe in the power of the individual and their authentic connection to their community”.

– Dawn Mason

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