Charlotte Bradman

Charlotte Bradman. Disrupter. Eco-influencer. Van-lifer.


Her Story

After experiencing huge hardships when the COVID pandemic hit in her professional and personal life, Bradman decided to become a ‘van lifer’. After working long hours in the NHS, paying an extortionate mortgage and experiencing intense personal turmoil, she came to a stop and stepped out of the rat race. Now, Charlotte works full time, choosing to spend her money on local independent businesses and invest in the local community. An avid vegetarian and sustainability advocate, she is passionate about climate change and investing in those around her. With this incredible lifestyle, she hopes to inspire others with her positive lifestyle changes by sharing content and tips from her lifestyle, and aims to destigmatize alternative lifestyles. 

“Disengaging from a system designed to maintain poverty is not only an act of rebellion, but also one of self-preservation and intelligence’. 


* Dawn Mason Inc supports the representation of Charlotte with the Svengali himself, Simon Trewin Renowned for launching the careers of many authors, in the areas of, literature art and culture.

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