Michael Brown

Michael Browne. Savile Row-trained Couturier and Creator of House of Michael Browne.
Browne spent eight years on Savile Row after launching his career as one of Paul Smith’s bespoke team.

Dawn Mason - Michael Browne

Dawn Mason - Michael Browne

His Story

By combining his bespoke craft and couture finish with stylish and relevant design, House of Michael Browne quickly became a staple with high-end clients.  Browne’s approach to design is grounded entirely in the world of couture. 

‘Here, when a client comes in, whoever that person is, I’m going to create around them as an individual – around their lifestyle and their needs – to make a garment that’s the best it can be for them. That’s what I love to do.’ – Michael

Read about Michael in the following magazine article – https://www.achtung-mode.com/die-verwandlung/

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