Seat At The Table

This division of Dawn Mason Inc. is dedicated to award-winning television producer and writer ​​Edward Wyckoff-Williams (1977-2022). Edward dedicated his life to giving everyone an equal voice. Seat at the Table aims to reflect this ethos and continue Edward’s legacy. 

Edward Wyckoff Williams

Our Seat at the Table collective division shouldn’t need to exist. But there’s a reason it does.

In this new world, there’s a societal and commercial shift that expects businesses, cultures, and communities to be more inclusive. It’s no longer enough to tick boxes; brands now need to navigate a complex and often sensitive landscape to ensure they’re meeting those expectations.

Created by Dawn Mason Inc, Seat at the Table is a unique, warm, and progressive collective of mentors who use their experience and knowledge to help other members and mentees navigate the new normal.

With an unrivalled focus on supporting underrepresented voices, our mentors will work closely with mentees, talent, and brands to develop diversity and inclusion strategies – both consumer-facing and in-house.

Mentees are equipped with the tools they need to create a culture that translates across every aspect of their business and gives all voices a platform. They’ll be confident in building partnerships with talent that go beyond face value, reaching and engaging with audiences in a way that is authentic and relatable.

Ultimately, this is a safe space where like-minded, diverse members of the collective can connect, inspire, and make an impact in the world they work.

Edward Wyckoff Williams

Reflecting the ongoing legacy left by Edward Wyckoff-Williams, Seat at the Table is committed to their mission: for all voices to be heard.

‘We now live in a time when people can open themselves up to so many different lives; indeed, to live as their true selves. With this comes different beliefs, sexualities, races, genders, and physical capabilities. Unfortunately, not all of these groups are fully, honestly and reflectively represented, if at all.’​Dawn Mason, CEO & Founder


“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive” – Edward Wykoff-Williams, 28/6/21

An elevated voice.
A platform for change.
A force for good.


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